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equipment under the supervision of an experienced owner and staff.  We use preservation (or archival?)  framing methods and materials. Most importantly, we are problem solvers who can find solutions for almost any framing challenge.

Meet our knowledgeable and experienced staff: 

Ann Welch, owner of Nunnally’s since 1995, when she bought the business from Linda Nunnally who had started it in 1976. Ann trained on the job and has continued taking framing and design courses on a regular basis. Ann is committed to the arts, historic preservation, and downtown revitalization, having bought and renovated the historic building that now houses Nunnally’s and Evans Forist in 2006. She has been active in The Spirit of Anniston, serving on the board for many years and chair for two terms. She collaborated with Artworks to move their gallery into her shop in 2011. In all endeavors, Ann is caring and careful; she doesn’t allow any framing project to leave the shop without a thorough inspection. Ann does everything she can to make sure her customers are happy and satisfied.

The rest of the team…Landon has been with the shop since 2009, and now serves as shop manager. An art enthusiast and JSU graduate with a BFA, Landon brings a sharp eye for design and handles many of the technical aspects of this detail-oriented business. Kelly does the actual framing and fitting of the final product. It’s her attention to detail that makes the framing package come together. Patsy has been with the shop for eight years. She does a variety of jobs, ranging from customer service, bookkeeping, and  management of the Daniel Moore sports prints.

We offer professional design assistance. 

The design of your framing is the first element in the successful outcome of your framing project. Our goal is to preserve, protect, and compliment your art so that you can enjoy it for a lifetime. Our design team is experienced in both the esthetics of your work and the necessary structure of your framing. We take the time to explain your choices and help you explore possibilities that will enhance your art and please your budget. We are experts at framing design consultation while also encouraging you to be part of the process. We'll give you as much guidance as you need, making the design process easy and comfortable so you get just what you want at a price that works for you.

We offer a huge selection of frames, mats, and preservation materials. (2 photos of frames)

Our frames run the gamut of affordable, in-house molding to special order, finished corner frames that are hand carved with 12k and 22k gold leaf embellishment. Inside each framing package is a unique preservation support system. Materials may include acid-free matting, acrylic spacers, reversible hinging tapes and papers, ultraviolet protecting glass or acrylics, museum glass or optimum museum acrylic, acid free backing and barrier papers, and other suitable attachment hardware.

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